Welcome to the Course

Wow! Hello!

Welcome to the course, More Than a Whistle - A Coaches Guide to Navigating the Mental Health Continuum. Pardon my weird, awkward "hello" at the beginning of the video, I am still getting used to communicating to the small camera in my iPad. Regardless, I am glad you made it!

In the video below, I will simply be introducing myself, thanking you for signing up for the course, and giving you a little taste of what is to come. Oh, by the way, though this course is semi-geared to coaches that are coaching athletes, I also feel this course is helpful for managers, administrators, agents, choreographers, parents, or anyone else that has to interact with or oversee the mental health of performers. So, if you know someone in that type of position...show them some love by recommending this course (if you like it of course).

So having said that...CHEERS! Here's to becoming...